Sequel to Secrets the Walkers Keep

As my team and I work to polish up and promote Secrets the Walkers Keep, I’ve started work on the sequel, tentatively titled “Walkers on Cloud Nine.”

Here’s a few things to look forward to:

  • You’ll get a deeper look into the world, and power, of Caster magic (including that damn necklace that Hat still doesn’t fully understand…yet).
  • You’re going to get to know Cooper better - who has a bigger role and some really insane powers.
  • You’ll get to meet someone who made a very brief appearance in the first book, and she is going to make Hat’s life…well…rough.
  • You’re going to get to meet Riley for the first time, but only after he makes things interesting for his parents.

In the story about how Secrets the Walkers Keep was created, I talked about how one story became three, then five.  Walkers on Cloud Nine isn’t even really one of those stories.  So, who knows how many more books you can expect…

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