A Different Urban Fantasy Author

J. Morgan Michaels grew up being frequently called “annoyingly insightful," a trait that made writing stories about people come naturally.  He writes characters that you’ve never met before, but always wished you had.

His latest book, Secrets the Walkers Keep, is the first in the CASTERS OF MAGIC series.

Fresh From The Author

I’m J. Morgan Michaels, and this is my life.  


Crazy and dynamic characters are all around me - and many of them I’ll admit to being related to.  I have a cat too cool for just one name.  And I think everyone needs to laugh more.

I believe in the power of infinite possibilities, walking the path others won’t, and experiences that make a life worth living.  When I’m not writing, I’m finding ways to never have to work in an office again, listening to everything from 80s pop hits to electronic-inspired screamer rock, hitting people with sticks, or just staring up at the stars.

My new book, Secrets the Walkers Keep, is the product of many years of imagination, inspiration, and…well, a lot of damn work.  It’s the start of Manhattan “Hat” Walker’s story.  In it, there's magic, there's mystery, there's mayhem – but beneath it all there's a story about life.  And like life, it's harsh in some places, happy in others, and completely just unpredictable.  You can read more about me, Hat, and the crazy journey we’ve gone on together here.

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My Crazy Life

In the world of magic, secrets are like water—they keep you alive, but it’s easy to drown.

Manhattan Walker’s family is epically large and loud (and as odd as the name they gave him).  But when his mother dies, generations of closely-held family secrets unravel, and he realizes that no one is ever who they appear to be, including them.

Burdened with the power to see the past, and a talisman no one understands, Manhattan is thrust into the clandestine world of magic.  There are murders the police can’t know about, dangerous spells that force him to face the darkness of his past, and a man without a face who wants him dead.

Can Manhattan find the truth in himself before he loses everything?

CASTERS OF MAGIC:  An engrossing and relatable Urban Fantasy series for New Adult readers

They’ve been called witches, and wizards, and many other less kind things, but they are Casters, and their lives revolve around magic, mystery, and mayhem.  If you love urban fantasy action and adventure, you won’t be able to put this series down as you follow Manhattan Walker and the Casters of Magic.

(You’ll also love this series if you enjoy) urban fantasy romance; witches, warlocks, and wizards; sorcery and magic; new adult drama, suspense, and plot twists that make your head spin.

Reader Reviews

J. Morgan Michaels has crafted the beginnings of an exciting series with Secrets The Walkers Keep. The intricacies of the plot combined with the addictive characters and wonderful world-building makes this book a must-read. I highly recommend it.”
C.J. Anaya, USA Today bestselling author of The Healer
Secrets the Walkers Keep is a multi-layered urban fantasy where magic and mystery are woven into an intricate, surprising, and sometimes shocking plot. It will be interesting to see what young Manhattan will get up to next.
— Charles, Readers' Favorite
Secrets The Walkers Keep is intelligently written and is a surprisingly funny novel. The storytelling is fresh and layered, narrated in the first person, drawing a reader in with the perfect balance of suspense and humor.

— Jamie, Readers' Favorite
Hat Walker is a modern, salty, hilarious hero. At different times throughout this book, I found myself laughing at him, groaning at him, and yelling at him... but still somehow rooting for him the whole way. And, he’s just one of the many, many, MANY complex and charming characters in this book. (It felt like I fell in love with dozens, and loved to hate at least as many.)
— Amazon Customer
“Intriguing, energetic fantasy/mystery full of twists and turns, which holds the reader’s interest very well until the very last page. Manhattan is a sympathetic and likeable protagonist, and watching all the secrets unravel–not only the ones his family keeps, but the ones he’s been keeping from himself–is thoroughly enjoyable.”
— IndieReader