I’m J. Morgan Michaels, and this is my life.  


Crazy and dynamic characters are all around me - and many of them I’ll admit to being related to.  I have a cat too cool for just one name.  And I think everyone needs to laugh more.

I believe in the power of infinite possibilities, walking the path others won’t, and experiences that make a life worth living.  When I’m not writing, I’m finding ways to never have to work in an office again, listening to everything from 80s pop hits to electronic-inspired screamer rock, hitting people with sticks, or just staring up at the stars.

My new book, Secrets the Walkers Keep, is the product of many years of imagination, inspiration, and…well, a lot of damn work.  It’s the start of Manhattan “Hat” Walker’s story.  In it, there's magic, there's mystery, there's mayhem – but beneath it all there's a story about life.  And like life, it's harsh in some places, happy in others, and completely just unpredictable.  You can read more about me, Hat, and the crazy journey we’ve gone on together here.

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My Crazy Life